Portal 2 OST

The long awaited Valve videogame did not only feature a fantastic script complemented with top notch voice acting, not only the most creative, engaging and brilliant puzzles in a videogame (that i know of), not only a great storyline and great characters. They also made one of the best videogame soundtracks you’ll hear this year.

Composed by Kelly Bailey, Mike Morasky and Jonathan Coulton
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Heresi – Psalm I

Hailing from Sweden,one of the founder members of Ondskapt, Skamfer, is the only man involved in this “riff-oriented” project that’s pretty effective if you’re in the mood for minimalistic, hipnotyzing, pure yet well produced black metal that may not be groundbreaking, but it’s definitely well done.

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Holy Other – We Over / Yr Love

Dreamy as fuck. That’s how i would describe this release. It feels like space walking without moving a single muscle, like letting yourself go and just enjoy that dopamine rush that makes your mind fly around vast woods made of clouds while that gorgeous angel damiselle calls you with a haunting, beautiful voice that resonates all around you making you vibrate with hope.

Well.. Yeah, give it a listen and stuff…

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Curren$y – Pilot Talk II

That’s right! a new release by the prolific “Hot Spitta“; Shante Anthony Franklin, best known as Curren$y.

Pilot Talk II follows the line of awesomeness that Pilot Talk started, with impecable spittin’ and remarkable production, this album is proof that it IS possible to release two of the best albums of the year on a genre “like it ain’t no thang“. At least for Curren$y, it is.

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Apricot Rail – Apricot Rail

One day, after his star sign promised a ‘dynamic’ afternoon, Ambrose Nock (guitar) decided it was the right time to form a band known as Apricot Rail. He was soon joined by Jack Quirk (guitar), Matthew Saville (drums) and Daniel Burt (bass). The premise of the band was simple: music based on unique guitar tunings, the use of natural harmonics, and very open ideas about other instruments, electronica and song structure.

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El Columpio Asesino – El Columpio Asesino

El Columpio Asesino are a spanish band from Pamplona that defies clasification since they’re a neat mix of stuff from indie rock, punk to psychedelic and electronic pop, all incorporated into the pretty enjoyable musical trip that is this album.
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Split: Ash Borer / Fell Voices

Today i’m sharing with you a recommendation i got from a friend a few days ago, it’s a split by two american atmospheric black metal bands.

Ash Borer: Good quality atmospheric black metal from Arcata, California. Fans of depressive, brutal stuff, and maybe even post rock fans may find several interesting things about their track on this split.

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