Portal 2 OST

The long awaited Valve videogame did not only feature a fantastic script complemented with top notch voice acting, not only the most creative, engaging and brilliant puzzles in a videogame (that i know of), not only a great storyline and great characters. They also made one of the best videogame soundtracks you’ll hear this year.

Composed by Kelly Bailey, Mike Morasky and Jonathan Coulton

01. A Human Did This
02. Ghost of Ratman
03. Love as a Construct
04. Reconstructing Science (micro mix)
05. Reconstructing Science (nano mix)
06. Robots FTW
07. Science Can Be Fun
08. Sunshine 1 (captured)
09. Sunshine 2 (smart)
10. Sunshine 3 (pure)
11. Technical Difficulties
12. The Lab’s Gone Dark
13. Triple Laser Phase
14. Turret Wife Serenade

Highlight: “Robots FTW”.

Download (320kbps)

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